Christine Grimes, BFA, is an emerging artist practicing on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Exploring themes of grief, love, despair and beauty in the human relationship to the natural world Christine Grimes's works reflect a weaving of complex emotions through the apprehension of industrial globalization and the depths of its impact.  She graduated from Emily Carr University in 2007 earning a degree in fine art, focused on both painting and relational performance art.  

Artist Statement: "The Earth has been so drastically impacted by human activities that a new geologic term, Anthropocene, has been proposed to describe this era.   Subjectively, I was born into a world population of 4.677 billion and have watched it increase to 7 billion; my life is part of the sixth and only human-created mass extinction in Earth's history, as well as climate change.   Stemming from the apprehension of this reality, my work stems from the complex range of feelings ignited by environmental tragedy; being both perpetrators and victims simultaneously, we are challenged to see beauty in our grief and will to action." 2015